Alexandra Aquilina is a Maltese Berlin based pop artist whose colorful and vivacious work is a celebration of popular culture and everyday objects. Her art is a love letter to the history, folklore of Malta, where the past and the present collide in a riot of vibrant colors and bold imagery. Through techniques such as screen printing and found sculpture, Aquilina challenges the status quo in art and society with a keen sense of irony and satire. 

Her work is self-aware and deeply introspective, inviting viewers to reflect on the duality of nature, humanity, and spirituality.​Aquilina’s art draws on visual themes of spirituality that are distinctly Maltese and Mediterranean. The island’s rich culture and symbolism are celebrated in her work, which takes inspiration from prehistoric pagan temples, folkloristic and superstitious beliefs, Catholic art, and iconography. Her work is an exploration of the complexities of the human experience, where interpretations may vary, but are always welcomed.​ 

At heart, Aquilina finds beauty in the grotesque and creates from a space of mental associations, solving problems that don’t exist with whatever mediums are available. Her work is drenched in carnivalesque colors, bringing her visions to life with a healthy pop culture and odd associations. Through her art, she challenges viewers to take a step back and reexamine their own spirituality and essence, to redefine it, and to create their own deities and discover their own version of solace among the chaos