2023 SHRINE: Art Book by Alexandra Aquilina. Additional Text by curator Lisa Gwen and Art historian Sabrina Calleja Jackson.
2023 SHRINE feature and artist interview (MUZA, Malta)
2023 Radio interview on Rockna (Michael Bugeja, Net tv, Malta) starts at 12:30min
2023 A shrine to Maltese pop culture, identity (Joseph Agius, The Sunday Times of Malta, Malta)
2023 "I felt compelled to deny everything that was Maltese and become something else" (Ramona Depares, The Sunday Circle, Malta)
2023 Alexandra Aquilina explores identity and upbringing, in debut solo exhibition (Laura Calleja, Malta Today, Malta)
2023 An upcoming solo exhibition by Alexandra Aquilina at the National Museum of Art, Malta (Artpaper, London)
2023 "My greatest achievement? Surviving the Berlin winter for seven years" (Artist Q&A, Malta Today, Malta)
2021 {v}, Celebrating the female form (Ramona Depares, Malta)

2021 People of Print (Feature, United Kingdom)
2020 Carrying the DIY vibe worldwide | Alexandra Aquilina, Daniel Borg (Teodor Reljic, Malta Today, Malta)
2020 Malta Community of Illustrators (Feature, Malta)
2020 Maltarti (Interview, Malta)

2020 Super Collaboration for Screenprinting show (The Sunday Times of Malta, Malta)
2020 Spread the Ink (Il-Lokal, Malta)
2020 Gallerie Heike Arndt DK (Featured Artist, Berlin)
2020 Silk on Artpaper. (Interview, Malta)
2020 Alexandra Aquilina: Screenprinter, Desginer, Illustrator (Indulge, Malta)
2016 Make plans, not commitments | BlackFawn (Teodor Reljic, Malta Today, Malta)
2015 Art Connect (Featured Artist, Berlin)



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